Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance

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Applied research and development to accelerate innovations for a safe and sustainable chemistry

Founded in 2021, the Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance builds on decades of collaboration between currently 15 Fraunhofer institutes and the chemical industry. Our goal is to leverage complementary competencies and interdisciplinary synergies to support industrial customers in technology development and scaling up to develop sustainable, innovative products and processes.
With bundled Fraunhofer know-how, inventiveness and a unique infrastructure, we are a strong partner for the chemical industry on its ambitious path to defossilized and circular production processes.

Focus topics

Applied research and development to accelerate innovations for a safe and sustainable chemistry

The Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance at a glance

We develop systemic solutions for a successful energy and raw materials transition and contribute to a sustainable industrial society with interdisciplinary research.

On one view

The Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance is the application-oriented research and development partner of the chemical industry.

With state-of-the-art research infrastructure from laboratory to pilot scale, our focus is on developing basic research results to a higher level of technological maturity and supporting our partners in large-scale implementation. Our own pre-developments constantly complement our R&D portfolio.

The particular strength of the alliance lies in its complementary competencies and the high technical qualifications of its employees. This enables us to realize holistic solutions at system level.

Areas of competence

  • Chemical and biotechnological synthesis and reaction engineering
  • Process engineering and process technology
  • Production systems and plant engineering
  • Formulation technology and materials
  • Modeling, simulation and digitalization
  • Safety, regulatory and assessment

Current projects

In Fraunhofer-internal cooperation projects, new technologies, processes and concepts are being pre-developed that contribute to climate protection, the defossilization of chemical processes and the establishment of sustainable, resilient material and energy cycles.


Shaping the Future of Green Chemistry by Process Intensification and Digitalization


From waste to raw material - green molecules for chemistry

Cluster Circular Plastics ­Economy CCPE

Making the plastics value chain circular

Our offer

We offer our customers and research partners interdisciplinary research and development that goes far beyond the central disciplines of chemistry, biotechnology and process engineering.

Whether urgent trouble-shooting projects, exclusive process and product developments or strategic projects to meet the challenges facing the chemical industry in global change: the Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance is the one-stop shop for applied research and development and offers a variety of cooperation formats for this purpose.