Areas of competence of the Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance

The Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance pools the central expertise of its member institutes in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and biotechnology, as well as automation and digitization. Complementary collaboration is achieved with expertise at the molecular, process engineering and data levels. All alliance institutes have many years of experience in R&D business with the chemical industry and have very good industry knowledge and networks.

Chemical and biotechnological synthesis and reaction engineering

Field of competence chemical and biotechnological synthesis and reaction engineering
© Fraunhofer IAP / Fraunhofer ICT / Fraunhofer UMSICHT
  • Development and optimization of synthesis processes
  • Coupling of chemical and biological synthesis processes
  • Electrochemistry
  • Catalysis technology

Chemical and process engineering

Fields of competence process technology and process engineering
© Fraunhofer ICT / Fraunhofer IMM / Fraunhofer UMSICHT
  • Continous process engineering, flow chemistry and modular plant engineering
  • Modules & Unit Operations
  • Safety and manufacturing engineering
  • Prototype Plants

Production systems and plant engineering

Fields of competence production systems and plant engineering
© Fraunhofer IAP / Fraunhofer IMWS
  • Product qualification and process validation in pilot and demo plants
  • Control and regulation techniques
  • Process automation

Formulation technology and materials

Areas of competence formulation technology and materials
© Fraunhofer IAP / Fraunhofer IGB / Fraunhofer ISC
  • Material development and product design
  • Product formulation and formulation development
  • Material characterization

Modeling, simulation and digitization

Competence field Modeling, Simulation, Digitization
© Fraunhofer IFF / Fraunhoffer ITWM
  • New sensor, process analysis and instrumentation concepts
  • Simulation, assistance systems, AI
  • Digital twins
  • Predictive Maintenance

Safety, regulation and evaluation

Competence fields safety, regulatory affairs and evaluation
© Fraunhofer ICT / Fraunhofer IME
  • Process safety
  • LCA and system analyses
  • Pre-regulatory screenings
  • Ecotoxicological risk assessment
  • Safety analyses and assessment of regulatory issues (e.g. REACh)