Cooperation offers of the Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance

Our cooperation offers to the chemical industry are as diverse as our research activities in the Alliance institutes.
We provide customized research and development from a broad technology portfolio and systemic solutions using complementary Fraunhofer expertise. We support the chemical industry equally in solving short-term tasks and in meeting its global challenges in the areas of climate protection, energy and resource efficiency. Together with our industrial partners, we develop new cooperation formats and offer exclusive access to Fraunhofer-internal preliminary research.

Bilateral Contract Research
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Bilateral contract research for the chemical industry is the established cooperation format, which tailors to the customer's problem.

We offer:

  • exclusive research and development,
  • consulting and expert discussions
  • as well as measurement, testing and analysis services.

We provide support in equal measure for the realization of new products and processes as well as for short-term problem solutions.

R&D joint projects
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Multilateral R&D in joint projects, which are co-funded by national and European research funding programs, is another established cooperation format.

In such joint projects, Fraunhofer brings together the required R&D expertise from its individual institutes. We are active initiators and shapers in the initiation of collaborative projects and in putting together the project consortium. We support our industrial partners both in identifying suitable funding measures and programs and in putting together a suitable consortium. Our partners benefit from our many years of experience and extensive networks.

One-Stop-Shop Fraunhofer Alliance Chemistry
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The Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance offers its customers and research partners central access to the interdisciplinary expertise of its member institutes (one-stop-shop). We bring you together with the right contacts and experts and set up the appropriate R&D team for your issue on a project-specific basis.

We organize workshops and other exclusive exchange formats for exploring strategic collaborations and are the point of contact for exchanges at association and committee level.

TRL Hubs Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance
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The Fraunhofer Chemistry Alliance offers exclusive cooperation formats in the form of so-called TRL hubs, which are specifically designed to increase technology maturity. We see ourselves as a partner to the chemical industry for technology development and scaling on the way to commercialization of products and processes.

The TRL hubs also serve to reduce development risks and conserve liquidity by allowing Fraunhofer to take over larger research shares up to the realization of prototypes.

In addition to the use of existing infrastructure on a technical scale, corresponding technology and process developments can also be realized and operated outside Fraunhofer locations together with the chemical industry.


Synthesis and process development
at different scales and technology maturity levels

Process plant with pressure reactors
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CBP module
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Allianz Chemistry Cooperation Offers
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